• U.S. Rep. Hoyer Meets with Prince George's County Muslims

    US Congressional Rep Hoyer Meets with Prince George's Muslims

  • Faith, Economics and Politics Conference

    Prince George's Muslim Business and Political Leaders Convene at Conference

    Faith, Economics... <a href=Read More

  • Muslim Congressmen Meet with Prince George's County Muslims

    Ellison/Carson Dinner

    Muslim Congressmen Meet with PG County Muslims,

    Urge Political Involvement

  • Law Enforcement & the Muslim Community

    Law Enforcement Forum

    On Wednesday, September 9, 2015, the Prince George's County Muslim Council conducted a forum entitled, "Law Enforcement and the Muslim... Read More

  • The Scholars say, "Muslims Should Vote".

    Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) was asked about the ruling on elections, and he replied:

     “I think that elections are obligatory; we should appoint the... Read More

  • Why Young Muslims Need to Vote

    Why Young Muslims Need to Vote 
    Written by Naadira Aalim-Johnson, Muslim Link Contributing Writer

    Printed in the MUSLIM LINK

    THURSDAY, 09 JULY 2015 00:02

    I can still remember the day my... Read More

  • Get Out and Vote!

    Get Out and Vote!! PGCMC’s Ramadan and Beyond Call to Civic Duty

    Written by Jamil White, Muslim Link Contributing Writer

    The Prince George's County Muslim Council (PGCMC) is a local non-profit... Read More

  • Southern Prince George's Officials Meet with Muslims, Offer Support for Eid Holidays

    Southern PG Officials address community


    Southern Prince George's Officials Meet... Read More
  • PGCMC Invites Elected Officials to PGMA

    Elected Officials at PGMA

    On Sunday, December 7th, approximately 40 brothers and sisters filled classroom #2 at the Prince George’s Muslim Association to hear from their... Read More

  • Prince George's County Muslim Council Holds Domestic Abuse and Violence Forum

    Domestic Abuse Forum




    “The true believers, both men and women, are protectors of one another. They enjoin what is good... Read More

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