PGCMC Reveals 2018 Primary Candidate Endorsements

Prince George’s County Muslim Council Reveals Slate of

Endorsed Candidates with C. Anthony Muse and Aisha Braveboy Leading the County-Wide List

For more than one year, Prince George’s County Muslim Council (PGCMC) has been stressing the importance of the 2018 elections. Almost every seat that represents the constituents of Prince George’s County is up for election from the Governor and the County Executive to much lessor known offices such Clerk of the Court and the Registrar of Wills. Federal, state and local seats will be finalized in November, but in a Democratic stronghold like Prince George’s County the main event takes place on June 26, 2018 when voters decide who will represent the Democratic party in the primary elections.

After numerous interviews with seasoned elected officials seeking higher office, fresh-faced challengers taking their first foray into politics, separate candidate forums for County Executive and State’s Attorney and consultation with Muslim communities on specific local seats, the Prince George’s County Muslim Council is endorsing the following slate of candidates:


The County Executive race is crowded at the top with qualified candidates that could serve the county well as was demonstrated at the PGCMC sponsored Candidates Forum.  A few of whom have proven their support and openness toward the Muslim community including first time office seeker Paul Monteiro, the young former Obama Administration official.  Current State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks is a politically sharp, intelligent and capable official. Both Senator Muse and former Congresswoman Edwards have proven their willingness to buck the system and have befriended the Muslim community. However, in a tough decision, the nod goes to C. Anthony Muse.  Three reasons: 1) He has a compelling personal story which can serve as an example for any struggling young man or woman that there are no barriers to success. 2)  He has 23 years of legislative experience representing Prince George’s County and has shown his willingness to oppose the powers that be when they are politically or morally wrong. 3) Most importantly he has demonstrated values that are most closely aligned with those of the Muslim community; particularly our   First Amendment right to conduct our facilities and  individual behavior in the way our faith directs us. This is a right that is coming under fire in the United States and we need elected officials willing to stand up for it.

STATE’S ATTORNEY – Aisha Braveboy

Each of the candidates has a solid background in law and politics all having held public office on one level or another.  In this race we feel Aisha Braveboy is the best candidate for our community based upon her legislative initiatives when she was a State Delegate and her longstanding relationship with the Muslim community.

 COUNTY COUNCIL AT LARGE – Calvin Hawkins And Gerron Levi

You can select two individuals to fill these newly created seats on the County Council. Although all the candidates have significant experience in County government, it is our opinion that Calvin Hawkins and Gerron Levi are the two best candidates for our community.  Calvin Hawkins is the Executive Assistant to County Executive Rushern Baker and was the same for former County Executive Wayne Curry.  He has an in-depth understanding of how county government works   to the County Executive and his administration.

Gerron Levi is a former member of the Maryland House of Delegates and a former Capitol Hill staffer.  She won members of PGCMC over during her interview with her focus on the importance of the public education system in the county and most importantly wanting to defend the First Amendment right of the religious community to practice as they see fit without government interference.



District 4        Anthony Brown

District 5        Steny Hoyer

Senator Cardin and both Representatives Hoyer and Brown have reached out and been responsive to the concerns of the Muslim community to show their support in the face of the Trump administration and its attempt to ban Muslims from various countries from entering the United States.  This is a critical issue in our community considering the diverse origins of Muslims in Prince George’s County. They have also assisted on constituent services when needed regarding circumstances of individual Muslims and have employed Muslims as staff and interns. We are however, very concerned about their positions on the Middle East peace process and would like to see their positions moderated. Continuing the status quo is untenable for both sides and not beneficial to U.S. long term interest.  We plan to engage with them further on this issue.

SHERIFF – Melvin High

A solid incumbent with whom members of the Muslim community have a good relationship. Worth re-election.

CLERK OF THE COURT – Mahasin El-Amin

The daughter of Judge Hassan El-Amin of the Prince George’s County Circuit Court.  She is making a name in her own right.




            Vicky Ivory-Orem

            Julius Terrell



District 1         Craig Moe

District 2         Demi Taveras

District 3         Danielle Glaros

District 4         Todd Turner

District 5         Jolene Ivey

District 6         Derrick Davis

District 7         Karen Anderson

District 8         Tony Knotts   



District 9         Sonya Williams



District 22       Paul Pinsky

District 23       Tim Adams

District 24       Joanne Benson

District 25       Angela Angel

District 27       Tommi Makila


STATE DELEGATES                                            


District 21

            Mary A. Lehman                                

            Joseline Pena-Melnyk                        


District 22

            Tawanna P. Gaines                

            Alonzo T. Washington                       

            Nicole A. Williams


District 23A                                       

            Shabnam Ahmed


District 24                                          

            Erek L Barron

            Michelle R. Wright    

            LaTasha R. Ward 


District 47 A     

           Julian Ivey


            Ryan Middleton

            Sonya Moore Abdullah

            Faye Howell

The Muslim community has the ability to influence each and all of the above seats.  Make your voices heard.  Vote on June 26.

For more information contact PGCMC at or go to

Seats for which PGCMC has made no recommendation indicates a lack of familiarity with the candidates who may be new or incumbents who have not engaged our community.

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Ben Cardin is a strong proponent of Israel and started a bill that prevented businesses from boycotting it. He is detrimental to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.


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