Sheikh Tahir Wyatt on Adoption & Foster Care

Sheikh Tahir Wyatt, Ph.D. student at the University of Medina and lecturer at Masjidun Nabawi in Medina prepared a special video for the Prince George's County Muslim Council to be shown at their forum on November 23, 2013 entitled, " Adoption and Foster Care:  An Islamic Perspective".

The video was created as a lead-in to a two panel discussion on dealing with foster care and adoption issues in the Muslim community.  The first panel was comprised of a practicing attorney with extensive experience in family court issues, and two community experts in social work.  The second panel was comprised of Imams from Avondale Masjid, Darus Salaam, Masjid Ibn Taymiyyah, Prince George's Muslim Association, and the hosting masjid, Islamic Research and Humanitarian Services Center of America.  The imams provided insight on related circumstances they have dealt with in their communities.

In the video Sheikh Tahir focuses on three issues: 1) Changing the name of the adopted child; 2) Rights of inheritance; 3) The relationship between the adopted or foster child and the opposite sex members of the adopting or foster family.  The full video can be accessed below.  Your comments are welcome.


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